Locally owned and operated with a sales and service shop located in downtown Santa Barbara. Technicians available at the shop!!

One of our top technicians, always ready to repair your pager, radio, or whatever. A cluttered bench is a sign of a technician that doesn't have time to organize it as he is so busy providing top notch service to our valuable customers. Note the large vice on the front of the bench to handle jobs of any kind from cutting pipes to installing rear axles.

Overall view of the shop showing the neat and tidy workbench as well as a vast array of highly technical and state of the art test equipment. Note anti static mat on workbench for working on the new types of circuits that can be damaged by static electricity.

One of our junior technicians working on a very clean and organized desk. Note bulletin board with "to do" notes pinned up so they won't be forgotton. This person does not have "happy knees" today as the weather is to cool for the uniform of the day: bermuda shorts.
Just one of the many varied projects undertaken by the BNS Electronics, Inc. team. Here we are installing an transmitting antenna for the top rated radio station serving the Santa Barbara area. Note the "state of the art" gin pole for lifting the antenna into precisely the correct position for affixing the radiating element to the feed line. The tennis shoes are worn so the pain on the foot when it is on the support will assure excellent support.

Some of the antennas located at the shop to communicate with either of the two radio sites. These are test antennas that allow official communications with customers as well as the ability to check off air signals of the seven television stations located at Gibralter Peak.

First set of other pictures

Second set of other pictures with plenty of cats and their duties