Locally owned and operated with a sales and service shop located in downtown Santa Barbara. Technicians available at the shop!!

There is no rat, mouse, gopher or mole problem around the shop area with this "hunter" puss cat on duty. Nothing moves around that shop without LeRoy taking notice, to make sure all pesky nusiances are taken care and disposed of properly. He is a friendly cat, but you must watch that you are not attacked during office hours.

When a really tough repair job comes through the door, sometimes it is necessary to call on the top technician to assist in proper diagnosis of the problem. Many times the assitance of "Fred" saved the customer many dollars in the shortened repair time charge for the repair of a pager, radio, or whatever.

"Fred" doubles as technican and assistant office manager. Here he is shown assisting with the monthly billing cycle. He is currently taking a short break from the busy time during the end of the month when many bills have to be printed, inserted in envelopes, stamped and mailed all within a three day period. It would not be possible without the help of this able assistant.
"Fred" is also a part time model when he is not pulling technican or assistant office manager duties at BNS Electronics, Inc. As a part time model, he has appeared in many advertisements ranging from radios, pagers, cat food, new cars and trucks as well a many travel advertisements promoting trips to Siam, his home country.

Overlooking the parking lot, and always on alert, LeRoy is shown in another of his observation points. Little occurs on the property without the knowledge, and logging of the event by LeRoy with his photographic mind and ever alert reflexes which are used to keep everything under control at the BNS Electronics, Inc. shop complex.