Locally owned and operated with a sales and service shop located in downtown Santa Barbara. Technicians available at the shop!!

Our top notch office manager and cat lover is always available to answer your questions, fix your pager or straighten out your account. She adds a lot of energy and enthusiasm to the shop along with providing a lot of loving interaction with the resident cats.

Out for a winter drive to Santa Ynez, travelers decided to have a little pow-wow while they tried to figure out how to cross the last two miles to the peak. Because equipment was out of service, one of our physically fit technicians hiked the two miles through the snow and ice.

Due to the sign requirements in the "Pueblo Nuevo" section of Santa Barbara, signs are grouped where they can be seen from the street. This is the headquarters for your communications needs in the Santa Barbara area.
While this on site shot shows many of antennas at Gibralter Peak, when viewed from the city, it is difficult to see the antennas on the site due to the careful color coordination, so they blend in with the mountain top colors. Unless you know where to look, it is almost impossible to see the site from the city and the surrounding area.

One of the Santa Ynez towers following a snow and ice storm is shown in this mid day photograph. Ice is not common at the site, but two strong towers support antennas under all weather conditions. All types of antennas except broadcast are used at Santa Ynez Peak.